What is hypnotherapy?

You might be surprised to know that you have already experienced a form of hypnosis, many times in your lifetime and just like formal hypnosis, the experience is satisfying enough for you to return to it.

While watching a movie, you often enter a form of hypnosis – you are involved in an experience in which your body is relatively still, though your mind is quite active, you are silent, focused, sufficiently involved to allow yourself to be transported to other worlds and to identify with situations and people you have never met before. Your imagination and emotions are activated by the words and images on the screen. You may physically be at your home or at the movie theater, but you are somewhere else entirely in your mind. Yet, you remain in control and at any point you can leave the theater if you choose. You choose not to because you’re sufficiently engrossed to want very much to see what happens next. So you are invested in the experience. So much so that your body has it’s own set of reactions. You don’t want to leave this movie because like in a good dream, you are so completely engrossed in it that you feel compelled to find out what happens next. This experience is a form of hypnosis.

Daydreams are another type of informal hypnosis we all experience. Who hasn’t attended a boring lecture, where your only salvation is to imagine you are somewhere, anywhere else. Usually it’s a kind of mind-journey to a place that interests us. So, informal hypnosis is very comforting and an experience we often welcome.

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