Women’s Issues

Many women struggle with self-confidence and self-identity issues at some point in their lifetime. Deep in our ancestry we have been told, in one form or another, to base who we are and what we look like on what men think of us and what society seems to require of us. It has been a generational struggle for women to emerge in their own right, and determine for our own what and who we want to be, regardless of what society pressures us to be. My aim is to help each and every woman emerge loving themselves for exactly who they are, free of shame, free of comparison, and free to be themselves. Self-love is hard to attain in today’s world with all the pressures that exist, but it is necessary for your own ability to have and hold healthy relationships.

My goal is to provide a safe, sacred and honest place for any woman to understand and release the shame that often exists inside of them, thus allowing them the courage to be strong, competent women.

Dealing with Women’s Issues

Women today are under a great deal of stress. More and more women are entering the workforce, some because they have to, some because they want to. Many are in marriages that they would consider less than ideal. Many are single, some because of divorce, and are tired of the journey that singleness brings. Couples are dealing with infertility, or with the pressure of raising kids. Many women choose to stay in emotionally abusive relationships because they are too afraid to be alone. Stay-at-home moms see “the end” of the road for them as they watch their last child leave home. Our society is full of constant comparisons to other women for what they have or who they are.

All of this leaves women with identity issues, or brings to light the issues that have been there all along, and have not been dealt with. Who am I outside the context of all of these roles? Why have I made the decisions I have? And other questions of the soul that speak loudly.

Relationship therapy can help begin to probe deeper into the understanding of self and soul, so that true self can emerge, making each role, each relationship, each decision more congruent with true self. Women who have low self-esteem, or who tend be overly critical of themselves, are at a disadvantage in the workplace, in school, in social settings, and even in their personal relationships. By focusing on one’s inherent self-worth, rather than constant comparison to others, we can both recognize and heal from feelings of worthlessness and learn to be completely comfortable with who we are.

This kind of self-assurance gives you greater control over both the personal and professional relationships in your life. At Four Winds Counseling Center, I specialize in working with women from adolescence through adulthood. I recognize that many times self-esteem and identity issues started at very young ages. If we can deal with some of the issues at early ages and stages, it will help one to make better decisions both professionally and personally later on in life. My hope through relationship therapy is to help heal the wounds that have affected critical areas of life.

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