Individual Psychotherapy

We largely agree with Dr. James F.T. Bugental’s colorful description of Individual Psychotherapy. He wrote that “It is about how you live with your emotions. It is about the perspectives you bring to relating with the people who matter to you. It is about what you aspire to in your life and how you may unwittingly make it harder for yourself to reach those goals. It is about being helped to see that the change you seek is already within you. It is coming to recognize and appreciate…it is about how you live with yourself right now.”

Like Dr. Bugental, we believe it’s the client’s “in-the-moment” experience in the psychotherapy session itself that is one of the most essential ingredient in creating the substantive possibilities for growth in our clients. We believe that information gleaned from the “in-the-moment” material in the Psychotherapy session is often more significant than the quest to collect historical data from clients. In fact, it is our clinical view that the latter may at times diminish the “energies” of the Psychotherapy process itself. The “in-the-moment” experience offers us the opportunity to draw on the most reliable data of all. What we see, hear, and experience now. But, there is more to Individual Psychotherapy, as we see it. Much more.

Each person posseses the potential to improve the quality of their life. It is our job and priviledge to help guide you in this process. When our clients truly desire the emotional growth they deserve, we believe signficant positive change is possible. By taking this first step of allowing us to work with you, the seeds of a partnership that is at once freeing and self-empowering has been sowed.

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