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Completely changed my life

I’ve had issues with identity and relationships and never really had the space to talk openly about that stuff without fear of judgement. I feel completely accepted with Allia and have been able to figure out more of who I am and what I want and that’s completely changed my life.

An amazing find

Just took an online search one day to change my life. Never had this kind of support and it honestly feels priceless. Allia is an amazing find and I’m very thankful.

My expectations were far exceeded

I’ve had self-esteem issues since I was a kid and never really knew why or how to deal with it. Allia helped me understand the root of these issues and how to start loving myself…it’s pretty incredible. My expectations were far exceeded.

Allia is an incredible psychotherapist

I read rave reviews about Allia and during a really tough time for my anxiety, I finally decided to take the plunge and see her. I regret not going years earlier. Allia is an incredible psychotherapist who has transformed the way I manage my anxiety and depression.


I can’t recommend Allia enough. Understanding, knowledgable, compassionate, and helpful…one of the best decisions I’ve made. 10/10!

So helpful

I didn’t know what to expect from therapy, but Allia was so helpful. She walked me through the process and made me feels so comfortable and immediately at ease. That made it exciting rather than scary and I’ve learned soo much about myself and because of this the quality of my relationships have improved dramatically.